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I have several years experience of working as a NRPSI registered Polish interpreter for public sector bodies and private companies. Much of my work is in the legal sector and among the clients I provide interpreting and translation services for are:


• Law firms

(international law, criminal law, family law, personal injuries) and barristers chambers


• Industrial and commercial clients

(disciplinary hearings and procedures, dismissal meetings, health & safety induction and training)


• Health & Safety

• Crown Prosecution Service

• Legal Service Commission/ Legal Aid Agency

• HM Magistrates Courts (criminal and family law)

• HM Crown Courts

• HM High Court of Justice & The Court of Appeal

• The Principal Registry in London

• HMCS County Courts (family & civil matters)

• HM Revenue & Customs

• HM Tribunals Service

(Employment Tribunal, Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, Mental Health Review Tribunal, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, Social Security and Child Support Tribunal)

• Police forces: Police Stations, Custody Suites, (audio & video interviewing suspects and victims, assisting in criminal investigations, house searches etc.)

• HM Prison Service

• Probation Services, Social Services, Domestic Violence Victim Support Units, Homelessness Unit, Women's Aid

• Forensics providers

• Psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and toxicologists

• Child Fostering Agencies

• Department for Work and Pensions

• ACAS, Pay and Employment Rights

• Manchester University

• Housing Association Trusts

• Local government, Manchester City Council, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, etc.

• NHS, PCT Manchester, etc.


Crown Prosecution Service, NHS, Prison, HM Revenue