Polish Interpreter Manchester * NRPSI registered for over 10 years

Polish Translator Manchester * NRPSI registered for over 10 years

Pl: Certyfikowany tłumacz j.polskiego i j.ang w UK


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I provide certified translation of various types of documents, including:


• legal documents (marriage certificates, birth certificates, title deeds, deed poll, etc.)

• conveyancing documents

• Home Office documents

• Health & Safety brochures

• contracts of employment

• manuals, leaflets, etc.

• websites

• questionnaires

• social services reports, CAFCASS reports, etc.

• police witness statements

• forensic reports

• psychological reports

• psychiatric reports

• toxicology reports

• audio tapes/dvd transcripts

• video transcripts

• personal documents

• and any other



Oferujemy certyfikowane tłumaczenia wszelkich dokumentow z j.polskiego na j.angielski (przysiegle). Sa one uznawane we wszystkich instytucjach w UK.


Crown Prosecution Service, NHS, Prison, HM Revenue